Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Would You Like a Lemonade with that Road Trip?

How many of you talked to me before my trip to Virginia for ICC's National Convention?  Do you remember how excited I was about our train trip?  And if you read my post before this one, you can see that while traveling by train wasn't perfect...it was FUN and it was definitely an ADVENTURE.

Funny, what a difference a week makes.

Thursday night, we returned, exhausted from the Theme Party, to our room.  As we got on Facebook, I noticed that Amtrak's page mentioned that some of the trains in the midwest were being cancelled due to flooding on the Great Plains.  The California Zephyr, our ride home, was one of the trains.  We went to Amtrak's website and confirmed it and began to plan our escape travels home.

Since we had about a thousand pounds of luggage, and also informative boards, chapter boards, and YSG boards, flying was out of the question.  What are girls to do?

You guessed it.  We rented a car.

Do you know it takes THREE days of CONSTANT driving to get from Virginia Beach, VA to Colorado Springs, CO???

It does.

Here is one thing I will say about Angi and I (and our incredible daughters):  I am pretty sure we could sell lemonade anywhere.  'Cuz that is what we do when we get lemons!

We decided not to get bent out of shape.  What could we do?  We decided to enjoy the ride.  And what a fun ride it was!

Here are my observations from the road:

*He who holds the keys...holds the power.  I did NOT want to stop at Colonial Williamsburg on the way home because I love history and knew we didn't have time to get out.  Unfortunately, I was not driving and found our car hijacked by Angi.  Do you know how it KILLS a history lover to DRIVE through Colonial Williamsburg??? Who DRIVES through Williamsburg?  Oh yeah....us.  Good thing I grabbed the wheel before she could get to Jamestown!!

*There is nothing greener than the Appalachian Mountains....or ALL of West Virginia in general.  What beautiful country.

*Where's the Beef?  It is in Kentucky where it comes in every form....but try to find a KENTUCKY Fried Chicken ANYWHERE and you will be sadly disappointed!!!  Seriously....I think that at the border of KENTUCKY, there should be little white haired men passing out free KENTUCKY Fried Chicken and biscuits!!  Know what you get instead?  A glimpse of Hell.  I hate to belabor a point....but seriously, is a maze and tangle of fire breathing, smoking pipes and tubes really the first impression you want to give people of your state?? (Apparently it is....Kansas had FOUR fiery refineries!)

*Indiana has a lot of wineries and a Wine Trail.  Kentucky cuts to the chase, ditching the wine and going straight to the hard stuff with their very own Bourbon Trail!

*Instead of the Bluegrass State, Kentucky should be the We Don't Need No New Fangled Ideas...Like Cities State.  Because don't EVER ask someone in Cattletsburg, KY what CITY you are in.  I took a 10 minute tongue lashing from a WENDY'S employee about how I was NOT in a city, I was in a TOWN.  Well, excuuuuuuuuuuse me!

*Sure the Gateway Arch was impressive....but the best thing about Missouri?  TRADER JOE'S!!!!

*Salina, Kansas sounds innocent but it is SCARY.  Just one, big truck stop.  In effort to make me feel okay about having to stay there (and yes, we HAD to stay there because there is nothing else in Kansas, anywhere.....ever) my husband cited a study he read saying Salina was supposed to be one of the best places to raise kids.  Really?  I think it depends on what you are raising your kids for.  If it is to drive a semi or a tractor....Salina is awesome!  All others....move to Colorado.

*Kansas should not be the Sunflower State, as I never saw one.  BUT...they have a museum every 5 miles.  They should be the Look-at-the-Old-Houses-of-Dead-People-we-have-Here-in-Our-State State.

*Double Shot Espresso - The Patron Saint of all 12 hour day Road Trippers

*Pretty sure Angi and I know every Starbucks from Virginia Beach to Colorado Springs!

*And Kansas has TWO Starbucks.  ugh!

*Flat Kansas needs LOTS of Starbucks!

*There are NOTHING like the Rocky Mountains!!

So, all in all.....it was 30 hours of travel by car.  We couldn't see out the back window because we were stuffed to the gills with luggage and Informative boards!  But, we would do it again in a minute!

Oh wait....I AM doing it again!  Next month!  Driving to Tennessee!!!  I need a Starbucks app!


Katie said...

Thank goodness we have Starbucks in Tennessee! Oh and we have towns and cities so watch out on that one.

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Shirin said...

Sometimes the best things in life are UNPLANNED! ;)